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Mission Statement

Our goal is to manage and grow our business around what we call our “Four Areas of Responsibility.” As a progressive Bank, we feel that it is essential to our success that we balance and nurture these sometimes conflicting areas of concern.

Responsibility to our Customers

Adhere to the fiduciary responsibility and financial needs of our customers by providing quality service and competitive products consistent with a safe and sound financial institution.

Responsibility to our Staff

Provide staff members with a positive work environment through education, training, empowerment and compensation so that they may respond to our customers and the goals of the Bank.

Responsibility to our Community

Enhance the quality of life in our community through contributions of time and financial resources.

Responsibility to our Stockholders

Provide a reasonable return on investment for stockholders through stable, consistent earnings, while maintaining safety and soundness.

We believe that our “Four Areas of Responsibility” must be kept in balance; one cannot overshadow another. As we grow and become more profitable, our goal is to give each of these areas equal attention.